E l i z a b e t h    H a n s e n

L a n d s c a p e   A r c h i t e c t U R E   &   F I N E  A RT

Hawking's Dream

Acrylic & latex paint, water color, ink, oil bar, oil paint

on 300 lb. Arches water color rough paper from rolls.

Each panel is 48" x 72"


The colors and forms in the painting simultaneously evoke the celestial spiraling galaxies and the terrestrial oceanic waves and lush sunsets.

Stars explode alongside unfurling flowers.

The vortexes in the two panels move in opposite directions,

winding and unwinding resembling the pictogram for the Tao or Yin Yang. These are the powers of construction and destruction,

anabolic and catabolic energies.

The space – time dimension is comprised of these dualistic energies spiraling out from an unfolding center point, mirroring, As Above, So Below.

This painting reflects my growing awareness of the Uni-verse (uni focal) having evolved into an experience of Multi-verses (multi local).