E l i z a b e t h    H a n s e n

L a n d s c a p e   A r c h i t e c t U R E   &   F I N E  A RT

Creating art and beauty have thread their way through my entire life, with periods of concentration surrounding my obtaining a degree in Studio Art from University of California, Berkeley, working as an artist in New York City, and years of studio work and shows. 

I have exhibited in venues including the San Jose Art Museum, the Berkeley Art Center, the Boulder Art Center, and the Museum of Friends, Colorado and my art work is in private collections around the country.

Imagination and dreams offer up imagery, methods, and materials to me from that inner world that synthesizes all the stimuli from cosmos, self and the outer world. Discovery of an image’s depth of meaning reveals itself in the mark making.

Energetic systems and the colors of the lighted world, deep cosmos, or shadowy interiors find their way into my art. Collectors of my work find resonance with the realms of unseen energies that I am drawn to give presence.

My many years of practicing of Landscape Architecture have utilized my

natural inclination for ecological and beautiful development. Employing structure, texture, repetition, color and  the dynamics of nature to create enjoyable and sustainable environments has been my greatest pleasure. Travel has exposed me to many aesthetic vocabularies and values which find their outlets in our multicultural landscape.

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