Also participating in the 60th Anniversary show at

Gallery House in Palo Alto.

Show is up until August 19, 2018.

visit Gallery Housefor further dates, times and location.

The Unseen Real - 16" x 32" framed

acrylic paint, oil pastel, prismacolor pencil,

art pen, india ink on rag board

Minoan Glory - 18" x 20" framed

acrylic paint, oil pastel on rag board

Embrace: Double Helix - Aphrodite 12" x 12"

acrylic paint on birch wood panel

I am currently participating in the juried show


at the San Francisco Women Artist Gallery

Show is up until August 4, 2018

visit SFWA  for open gallery days and times and location.

E l i z a b e t h    H a n s e n

L a n d s c a p e   A r c h i t e c t U R E   &   F I N E  A RT

Event Horizon - 17" x 50" framed

Multiple Horizons #2 - 12" x 17" framed

Multiple Horizons #3 - 12" x 17" framed

 charcoal, india ink, oil pastel, pencil

on Arches watercolor paper